Take Off Professionals (TOPS) was started in 1988 by Marco Cecala. Busy contractors needed support with takeoffs and without technology to support them, Marco found a way to fill the gap.

As technology matured, so did TOPS. Staff was added to accommodate the demand and additional services were provided before RTK GPS was viable. Precision data for robotic total station machine control led to GPS data as the hardware became more capable.

Services were added by client request as TOPS acts as the data processing department for small and large firms alike. With a knowledgeable staff and the fact clients only pay for the professional services time they need, TOPS has become the logical choice as the best partner on the digital job.

As a takeoff company the need for improvement followed new releases by the software vendors. The addition of services presents another issue entirely.

When we decide to pursue a new service area for our clients we follow this process;

  • It starts with researching the best methods to formulate a road map. This includes consultation with staff and industry leaders
  • We then partner with a client for development and process studies.
  • Hardware, software, and procedures are tested and defined. The best approach and potential issues are documented and refined
  • When the process has been deemed successful, staff members are trained in the new area, internal help is available during the implementation as difficulties always arise and our deep bench of talent is the industry’s best resource.


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What our clients say

Your staff caught things the engineer missed. You have saved us thousands.

CK, Arkansas

You guys are the “Easy Button” for all things Data!

CE, Maryland