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Our team provides 3D modeling with LiDAR for various site surveying or building tasks.

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High-Precision LiDAR Modeling Services for Accurate 3D Site Representations

At Take-off Professionals, we provide light detection and ranging (LiDAR modeling services to create 3D representations of a site based on point cloud data. This 3D laser scanning technology collects surface points to create a highly accurate model of a site surface. LiDAR data provides the most advantages for civil, commercial sites or residential building projects when the information is transformed into a usable model in a format like computer-aided design (CAD) or building information modeling (BIM).

Some frequent applications include machine control solutions or scrape-and-fill volumes. These models allow you to save time, create more accurate building plans and ease your decision-making processes.

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Understanding LiDAR Data

LiDAR data consists of a large collection of points, each with an x, y and z axis to indicate the elevation and geographic position of the point. Remote sensing technology on planes or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) collects these data points by sending out laser pulses and measuring the time it takes for the laser to reflect off the surfaces and bounce back to the sensor. The LiDAR system collects these data points in a point cloud.

After aircraft collect LiDAR data, engineers can use computer systems to analyze the points, connecting them to form a complete 3D image of the site and its terrain. This high-resolution model provides an accurate representation of the building site.

Precision LiDAR mapping is a vital first step in creating high-resolution models for machine control, initial site surveys and various other tasks. This survey technology collects the data points necessary to form accurate and precise models.

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The Process of LiDAR Modeling

The team at Take-off Professionals is highly experienced in the LiDAR modeling process, and our expertise results in more effective modeling for your projects.

Assessment and Planning

Before collecting data for use in LiDAR monitoring, you need to complete the early planning stages. Determine the scope of the area you need to scan and identify any limitations you may face on the site. Maps and other site data may provide information about things like foliage that could obscure the data. Additional information, like soil types, may change the best approach for the building process.

The planning stages involve selecting the ideal LiDAR equipment to complete the scan. A few factors that may influence this decision include the desired density of the scan, the angles needed and the area covered. Often, planning also involves obtaining the necessary permits to gather the data.

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LiDAR Data Collection

The LiDAR data collection process involves using a UAV or aircraft with a LiDAR instrument attached. The apparatus includes a laser, scanner and specialized GPS receiver, which create topographic maps of the land. Before collecting data, the device must be calibrated to ensure accurate measurements.

The LiDAR device sends out a laser, which reflects to measure range. This data is compared with information like position, orientation and scan angles to create a group of points called a point cloud.

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LiDAR Data Analysis

After data collection, our engineers and 3D technicians provide data analysis. Post-processing requires high processing power, so it’s helpful to work with a professional team like TOPS. During data analysis, our experts align multiple scans and data points to create a comprehensive data set.

The process involves filtering and clearing erroneous or unnecessary points to create a more accurate and precise final design. Engineers label and classify various data points based on their attributes, grouping them into particular segments.

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Model Creation

After data analysis, our engineers use programs like Autodesk and SolidWorks to create 3D models. During the modeling process, our experts use meshing to create more detail. They generate digital surface models (DSM) and digital elevation models (DEM) to show the elevation, terrain and objects found during the surveying process. The result is a detailed model of a job site that contractors can use for various purposes, including designing buildings or tracking progress.

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Advantages of LiDAR Modeling

High-resolution LiDAR modeling provides various benefits over other methods used to create 3D site models. 


The lasers that collect data points can penetrate light vegetation, allowing them to create models extremely close to the site specifications. The final models are within centimeters of the actual site measurements.

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Manual site modeling processes often require a significant time investment. Surveyors must move across a large area, collecting data points for future modeling processes. With LiDAR, aircraft can fly over the site to be modeled, sometimes in a single pass, completing the data collection process much more quickly. After collecting LiDAR data, engineers can bring the point cloud together to create finished models in less time than it would take with manual data collection and modeling.

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LiDAR technology can serve every construction project stage, from planning to design through building. The technology assists with providing precise maps and detailed simulations efficiently. From the beginning of the project, the data helps create accurate designs. As projects progress, LiDAR modeling can show changes over time.

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LiDAR models can support enhanced safety during the building process. These models provide detailed information about ground features and textures. This data determines areas that may need leveling or altering during the site preparation process. By detecting obstacles and hazards workers might miss, LiDAR models increase safety for workers and promote better quality in the final buildings or roads.

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With high-quality LiDAR models, you have precise data from the start of your project. This information helps you estimate costs and create building plans. Designs will require less change and rework over time when they use more accurate site modeling because the models can identify clashes between design plans and actual site information. This capability allows you to update the plans before the project begins rather than in the middle of the building process.

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When you turn to a professional LiDAR modeling team, you can save money because these teams have the technology to offer fast, high-quality models. LiDAR modeling also saves money over manual surveying due to its speed.

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Benefits of Choosing TOPS

Take-off Professionals provides expert LiDAR modeling services. We have been in business for over 30 years, bringing a high level of expertise to clients who rely on us for modeling services. Our team consists of full-time licensed engineers, surveyors and 3D technicians rather than subcontractors for more dependable results each time. We focus our services on data and modeling to provide the highest value to our clients. Our services offer additional advantages, including:

  • Track record: We complete thousands of machine control models each year. This extensive experience in the industry makes us a reliable source for your modeling project.
  • Service: We provide detailed quotes and accurate turnaround times for better project planning. Once the work begins, we stick to these estimates as long as the scope of work remains the same.
  • Technology: Beyond investing in modeling technologies like CAD and building information modeling (BIM), we have created a platform that allows you to add notes, files and other information while receiving automated updates sent to your email.
  • Coverage: Our engineers work across three different time zones to accommodate clients across our entire service area. When you need to speak with an expert, you can get updates during the workday with minimal wait times.

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LiDAR modeling can streamline work processes by creating efficient, detailed models to use at any stage of the construction process. When you seek a team to provide LiDAR modeling services, turn to TOPS, the industry experts who provide excellent client service.

Contact our team online for more information about the LiDAR modeling services we provide or to discuss our availability for your project.

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