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Working in the utilities and pipelines sector means operating with precision

Working in the utilities and pipelines sector means operating with precision, and Take-off Professionals (TOPS) is a group of highly trained, educated and knowledgeable engineers that help you make informed decisions before working with machines. Get the high-quality data you need to increase confidence and make sure your projects go according to plan.

TOPS understands that your team’s operations are unique. Count on our engineers for 3D models that allow you to work efficiently and accurately.

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Our Expertise in the Utilities and Pipelines Industry

One mistake in a utilities or pipelines project can lead to major profit losses. TOPS makes it possible to complete all aspects of a utilities and pipeline assignment with a high degree of precision.

We are a site data partner that lets you take a proactive approach to building, repairing, and maintaining pipelines. Whether you are grading surfaces or digging within trenches, our engineers present you with the site data surveyors and equipment operators need for uptime. Operate with precision thanks to our company, which keeps transparency and collaboration at its core.

TOPS has experience working with civil contractors or land surveyors nationwide. Count on our engineers working in three different time zones to accommodate your demands.

We help you achieve the highest degree of visibility before workers start digging or breaking through surfaces.

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Comprehensive Services for Utilities and Pipelines Projects

TOPS takes your pipeline construction project seriously from the moment you speak with us. We have the equipment and engineering background to prepare data and 3D models for utilities and pipeline projects of all sizes. TOPS experts will assist you with a range of services.

3D and GPS Machine Control Modeling Services

Our engineers provide you with the data necessary for precise movement when working in remote sites. 3D and GPS machine control modeling services are effective in helping your employees work with laser-sharp focus.

Have TOPS oversee your operations so that equipment operators using dozers, excavators, skid steers and soil compactors head to the exact locations you need them to go. Your days of burning through fuel and retracing steps are behind you.

TOPS 3D and GPS machine control modeling services are useful when using utilities and pipeline equipment from multiple manufacturers, including Leica, Topcon, Trimble and Carlson.

Utilities and Pipeline Site Model Services

Completing a utilities or pipeline project means understanding your environment and knowing the right methods for completing your work. We provide you with utilities and pipeline site model services for zero surprises once your efforts begin. When creating a pipe model, we use state of the art clash detection algorithms to head off problem before they get to the dirt.

Finish pipeline work knowing that your team can refer to digital representations of terrains throughout your worksite. Finalize pipeline layouts before purchasing any materials for the job to prevent overspending or having to repeat stages during the construction process. 3D modeling for pipeline sites gives you a detailed overview of what to expect when traveling to job sites, which helps you stick to deadlines.

Roadwork Modeling Services for the Utilities and Pipeline Industry

Your utility or pipeline company could be responsible for working near new buildings and homes. Have TOPS complete roadwork modeling services that make it easier to develop road systems for vehicles once your above- or below-ground project is complete. We help your crew create plans for commercial and residential sites should your endeavors involve building homes or places of business from scratch.

Data Preparation for Your Utilities and Pipeline Company

Leave nothing to chance — TOPS is here for you with data preparation services that are helpful for GPS and robotic systems. Build new pipeline connections with road systems nearby. We will strive to save you from conflicting plans surrounding commercial or residential development projects. TOPS tailors our data preparation services to your needs and can incorporate point cloud and photogrammetry information for your work.

Utility and Pipeline Quantity Takeoff Services

Determine the scope of your utility and pipeline work. The experts at TOPS provide a breakdown of your assignment to make sure you can allocate funds wisely from the start. Decide whether your team is capable of taking on a job according to an estimate for material costs and labor.

We are an industry-leading quantity takeoff company. Bid on projects confidently — we review the information you send to us within CAD files and digital work orders to increase your chances of success after entering a client partnership.

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Why Choose Us for Your Utilities and Pipeline Needs?

You require a pipeline data processing partner with experience in the industry. TOPS stands out from the competition as a credible source for data creation, takeoff and 3D modeling services, as our team has been working in the field for over 20 years. Unlike other businesses, we never outsource work. All members of our team are full-time employees and not subcontractors. We provide consistent results between your assignments for 100% client satisfaction.

TOPS is committed to providing accurate data for utilities and pipeline projects, and we give you the confidence you require to successfully bid on projects and finish them to client standards. There is little we have yet to handle in the utilities and pipeline field since we work with professionals like you, who complete assignments of all types. From custom homes to full-scale highway work, our engineers have seen it all.

Other reasons to choose TOPS include:

  • We have experience working on commercial and residential assignments.
  • Our core competency is data, and we stick to it.
  • We offer a user-friendly platform for clients to add files, notes and project details to an account.
  • We keep you up to date with our progress via email.
  • Our experts complete over to 1,000 machine control models annually.
  • You receive detailed quotes and accurate turnaround information for service.

Dive Deeper Into Our Utilities and Pipelines Data Processing, Takeoff and 3D Modeling Services

With Take-off Professionals, you always work with a point of contact who gives you their undivided attention. We develop a personalized experience with data processing, takeoff and 3D modeling services. Our experts combine these offerings with our commitment to exceeding your expectations to make sure you get the level of assistance you need to operate at peak efficiency.

We start our relationship with you by learning more about your equipment, capabilities and goals — you get to decide how hands-on or hands-off we are with our assistance. We want to see you succeed in everything you do, making it straightforward for you to send the correct number of workers to a remote site, prepare all the resources you will need to complete jobs quickly and have your hands in multiple assignments simultaneously.

Our list of services for your utility and pipeline company is extensive. Allow us to finish the work you have too little time or not enough experience to complete in-house. Additionally, you can reimagine the way you view your equipment and workflow. Our experts are here to educate your staff with available training options and deliverables that make all the difference in your productivity and final results.

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Industries We Serve

At TOPS, we have extensive experience working across a wide range of industry sectors to provide expert data preparation, modeling, and analysis services. Our team of experienced professionals is adept at tailoring our solutions to meet the unique needs of clients in several different industries.

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