Quantity takeoffs help you estimate the cost of a project and enable your team to work efficiently from day one. These data reports detail the quantities and attributes of materials needed to complete a project, including their estimated costs. Accurate quantity takeoffs allow you to place more successful bids and get to work sooner. When you know exactly what you need for a project, you’ll avoid unnecessary holdups due to insufficient materials and other costly mistakes.

For construction professionals and civil contractors, a material quantity takeoff makes up an essential part of any job. However, they can also be time-consuming and difficult to complete with a high level of accuracy, especially when estimating quantities for expansive projects. At TOPS, we can handle construction material quantity takeoffs so that you don’t have to. With a team of dedicated and experienced engineering data specialists, we can provide highly accurate quantity takeoff data in a timely manner.

TOPS offers a variety of construction takeoff services to meet individual client requirements. Whether you need a simple list of material quantities or a comprehensive plan for cutting, filling and hauling in earthworks, our engineers can help. To get started, simply submit CAD files and paper plans and fill out an online work order.

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Earthwork Takeoff Capabilities



Some of the material and earthwork quantity takeoff services we provide include:

  • Lists of dirt and material quantities
  • Complete cut/fill maps
  • Mass haul analyses for roads and worksites
  • Planned haul roads for use throughout the project’s life cycle
  • 3D information on dirt, paving, concrete and more

To integrate quantity takeoffs seamlessly with your workflow, we’ll provide our data in whatever format you prefer. We can easily accommodate specific requests and work with clients to provide custom solutions to unique construction takeoff challenges.

Our Experience With Takeoff estimating



At TOPS, we dedicate all our energy to engineering data. Because we have more than 20 years in operation and an average of 1,000 projects completed annually, our clients trust us to quickly provide them with accurate construction material quantity takeoffs. Our full-time staff can use a range of software solutions to tackle your quantity takeoff project with high efficiency.

We also have experience completing quantity takeoffs for projects of all sizes, from small home construction projects to ambitious highway work. We use the same refined process to estimate material takeoff for projects large and small, so you can use your data with confidence.

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Accurate and timely quantity takeoffs will help you increase bidding accuracy and work efficiency, ultimately resulting in money saved. Working with the material takeoff consultants at TOPS helps ensure you have reliable data to work from and allows you to focus your energy on other aspects of the construction planning process.

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