Reasons to Choose TOPS to Do The Data



No need to sweat the details. We comb through the plans, finding and fixing problems electronically before they become dirt mistakes. From school sites to the runway expansion at Los Angeles International Airport, we know the details of data.


Do you like red property lines instead of blue? How about overbuilds on pads, streets to subgrade, and 15 foot storm offsets, we build your data the way you like it… every time.


We don’t sell equipment, software, or supplies. All we do is perform the best takeoffs, and build the best data in the business. We may be one trick ponies, but it’s a great trick.


Need a rough grade file to start while plans are being finished? Want to combine the offsites with the current job? How about curb offset points for layout? We have the experience and ability to make all your jobs more profitable and more efficient.

Technologically Advanced

We use up to four different types of software in the preparation of every job. Our experience with all types of available software allows us to use the best package for different parts of a project.


Engineers, surveyors, grade setters, operators, we have people building your job that have actual experience in the industry.

No Hassles

Send us a copy of the paper plans, fill out a data prep work order, email the CAD files, or upload them to our website. We will get started immediately and email the completed job files, exactly the way you want them.


Nobody has more experience than we do. We complete over 450 jobs per year ranging from parking lots to super highways. We prepare more data in a week than the largest contractors build in a year.


The advantage of TOPS accuracy, turnaround time, and consistency make us your best choice. The reason to use GPS is to move dirt one time, great data insures this.


Need a 48 hour turnaround for data on a rush job? Full time engineers, surveyors, and field tested experts will combine talents to keep you working. We know how frustrating and expensive idle iron is. You have better things to do; let us build your data, and perform your takeoffs, so you can run your business.

Still not sure? We will prepare a portion of your site at NO Cost to you! Experience the difference in your production with data prepared by the nation’s leader in data preparation, TOPS.

If you have any questions, please call us at 623-776-9546 or contact us online today.

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Your staff caught things the engineer missed. You have saved us thousands.

CK, Arkansas

You guys are the “Easy Button” for all things Data!

CE, Maryland