3D Structural Excavation Models

TOPs provides 3D structural excavation models for use with advanced excavation technologies.

At Take-off Professionals, our team of dedicated experts creates 3D structural excavation models. We provide models for projects of any size. Come to us for skyscrapers, bridges, urban development projects and industrial facilities.

Our professionals will develop 3D structural excavation models to suit your particular needs. These models work with the format your equipment requires, regardless of the design software we use to create the model. By making 3D models in the format you need, we allow you to integrate models with your existing machines and operating methods.

We have over 20 years of experience in the structural modeling industry. Our knowledge and expertise provide high-quality work that enhances your excavation processes. We also leverage advanced technology solutions to provide the latest modeling capabilities.

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Understanding 3D Excavation Data

3D structural excavation models use site survey data to digitally represent a construction site. This digital model supports visualization and planning for construction projects, enhancing precision and team communication. The model also works with machine control systems, allowing for more efficient and accurate job completion.

Excavation models use data collected through site surveys. They can also use information from drones or light detection and ranging (LiDAR) to capture a job site. Our engineers use programs like computer-aided design (CAD) or building information modeling (BIM) to create a virtual model. This model contains all the excavation details teams need to complete the early stages of a construction project.

Advanced excavation technologies like machine control systems in excavators, bulldozers and graders often use these models to guide excavation and site preparation. The models make the work more precise and efficient. They allow teams to stick to exact design specifications for depths, slopes and other parameters.

3D structural excavation models typically include various details, such as:

  • Site topography
  • Subsurface conditions
  • Structural elements
  • Utilities
  • Excavation boundaries
  • Excavation depths
  • Slope and grading
  • Phasing and sequencing
  • Clash detection

Each detail guides excavation, creating a site that matches the exact specifications so future building work goes more smoothly.

The Process of Creating 3D Structural Excavation Models

At TOPs, we provide in-depth structural excavation models for planning or machine control on your job site. Our expertise guides you throughout every stage of the model creation process. Here’s an overview of the steps in creating a 3D structural excavation model. 

Site Survey and Data Gathering

Before creating an excavation model, we need accurate and in-depth information about the existing site conditions. Site surveying collects information about a job site to guide future construction, and surveyors use tools like total stations, GPS receivers and drones to collect accurate data. These tools determine the topography, existing site structures, utilities and subsurface conditions.

Surveyors combine the information from site surveys with other data like survey reports, site plans, soil reports and any existing 3D site models. The combined information provides a complete picture of the site conditions. This detailed perspective creates a more accurate 3D excavation model.

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3D Structural Model Development

Once we have all the relevant background information, our teams provide excavation data analysis to turn data into usable models. We utilize technologies like AutoCAD Civil 3D, Carlson, MicroStation, ArcGIS, Trimble Business Center, Autodesk Revit and SketchUp to create a digital terrain model (DTM) that accurately represents the existing site topography. 

Once we have an accurate representation of the existing terrain, we create an excavation model. The model accounts for the site details and topography. We’ll include required components like structural elements, excavation boundaries, depths and slopes. 

Combining the DTM with the excavation models provides a complete idea of the existing terrain and the excavation area. Your team will have all the necessary information to begin the building process.

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Model Analysis and Validation

This stage involves assessing the model to identify potential clashes, optimize excavation sequences, simulate different scenarios and ensure the model meets project requirements and design specifications. 

Our professionals validate the model for accuracy, consistency and completeness. We also ensure models align with project goals and will serve as a guide during the excavation process. We can tweak the model as necessary to improve quality during this stage.

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Benefits of 3D Structural Excavation Models

A 3D structural excavation model provides the most accurate method for tracking the existing ground surface and planning effective excavation. Our models match requirements for specifications like over-excavation, shoring, lay backs, and more. Here are a few advantages these models provide. 

Improved Planning and Scheduling

Structural excavation models give you comprehensive information about your construction site. This detailed visualization allows all stakeholders to understand the project and its scope. They can identify any potential challenges and make informed decisions to guide the project as it progresses. Construction teams can also use these models to optimize the excavation process and maximize their use of resources. 

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Enhanced Communication and Coordination

These visual models provide a clear view of the project requirements and construction process. With these models, everyone can coordinate and communicate with the same details. Team members can collaborate more effectively when they all have a source of information to follow throughout excavation. The model also coordinates excavation. It provides phasing and sequencing to organize the project and determine which steps must take place and the correct order to perform them.

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Better Precision and Accuracy

Excavation models use detailed information about a site’s topography, subsurface conditions and structural elements. They provide a model that’s accurate within hundredths of a foot. When machine control systems utilize excavation models, they correctly dig and level the ground on the first pass. The final excavation meets the model’s specifications with less need for rework or adjustments. 

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Efficient Resource Management

Complete projects faster and use resources more effectively by using a 3D excavation model. These models give you a full view of the excavation process before you begin the project. A model allows you to plan the machines and other resources. 

You can even optimize excavation sequences, allowing your teams to follow a streamlined process. Excavation models also prevent rework and costly delays by integrating machine control systems. When machine control systems operate using a 3D model, they can complete the excavation more accurately and in fewer steps.

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Improved Safety

An excavation model accounts for any site hazards and gives your team all the details before they enter the construction site. When teams know what to expect, they can plan more effectively, reducing the risks of accidents on the job site. When incorporated with machine control, these models can further increase safety. They allow you to position machines exactly where they need to go.

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Three Simple Steps to Begin Your Project

To get started with TOPS, you just need to follow three easy steps:

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Step 1: CAD Files

Provide the CAD files for the project in formats like AutoCAD .DXF and .DWG, among others. Files can be uploaded to their FTP site or shipped with the paper plans.

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Step 2: Paper Plans

If sending paper plans, they will scan and store them electronically. You can transmit the scans or ship the paper plans.

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Step 3: Work Order

Fill out a data prep work order on their website with the details of your scope of work. TOPS can accommodate various needs; just specify how you want the job to look.

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Why Choose Our 3D Structural Excavation Modeling Services?

When you come to TOPs for structural excavation modeling, we provide the expertise you need. Our teams offer a professional, high-quality model that streamlines your construction process. Here are a few benefits we provide:

  • Full-time employees: Our modeling experts are full-time employees, not subcontractors. They are trusted and reliable experts for your project. 
  • Dedicated service: At TOPs, our core competency is data and modeling. We stick to this specialty to provide the highest level of service to those who come to us for project expertise. 
  • Technology solutions: We utilize various modeling software options depending on your project needs. We also have a comprehensive work order system to keep you informed. 
  • National coverage: We have employees across three time zones. Our nationwide reach allows timely service for anyone seeking modeling expertise. 
  • Extensive experience: We complete over 1,000 machine control models yearly for clients. Our expertise means a streamlined process with high-quality models.

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Industries We Serve

At TOPS, we have extensive experience working across a wide range of industry sectors to provide expert data preparation, modeling, and analysis services. Our team of experienced professionals is adept at tailoring our solutions to meet the unique needs of clients in several different industries.

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Take-off Professionals employs a team of knowledgeable and experienced engineers, surveyors and 3D technicians to provide 3D modeling services. We’ll transform your raw site data into a highly accurate 3D structure excavation model. You can use this model for machine control. It also keeps all stakeholders on the same page throughout the planning and excavation process.

Our team takes on projects of any size. Get more details about our services and share your excavation project by contacting us online.

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