We have the ability to work with you on a variety of levels. Our intent is to establish a relationship and make it easy for you to increase or reduce our participation to fit your needs.

The advantages are:

  • No need for excessive or under utilized staff
  • Increase your ability to take on additional work easily
  • Establish a relationship with the industries most trusted source


This involves the least amount of involvement from the client. We act as your in-house engineering staff to deliver end results for your clients.

  • We handle all aspects of the required scope.
  • Get us the required information and we do the rest.
  • Deliverables sent to you for immediate use.


Either you don’t have the time or the experience, either way we can help backfill your company’s talent for any portion of the process. We get familiar with how you want things done so when it’s time to outsource part of a project you know what to expect.

  • Any portion of any process can be handed to us. We do the required work and it goes back to you for additional work by your staff.
  • Our list of services is extensive, We can help when you get busy or be counted on to always perform specific aspects of every job.
  • Out training can help you handle any aspect of a job to bring in house.


With a fully staffed data department many of our clients have the need for training tailored to their hardware, software and workflow. TOPS can meet your training requirements for mixed-fleets and mixed technology. As a service provider, we are familiar with how to bring new technology into existing processes. No technology can be profitable if it is not productive and can be used by all involved. Trust is to get you up and running quickly and efficiently.

Another way we can help is to provide other experts to compliment your staff. For example, you have an experienced surveyor on staff, we can build data or possibly train them to fly photogrammetry missions then post process data. No matter what your in-house capabilities are, we can backfill your talent pool on an as-needed basis.

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