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From developing commercial sites to repaving highways, every construction job needs accurate material takeoffs and 3D modeling to deliver the best results possible — both for the construction companies involved and for their clients. After all, when you consider the competitive nature of everything from bid submissions to 3D machine control, company data plays a pivotal role in getting the most out of every piece of raw material and equipment you use throughout a job.

For forward-thinking construction companies, there’s even a better, more productive way to handle data. The key is to let 3D construction data experts — like our fully qualified team at Take-Off Professionals — be your outsourced quantity takeoff company. We deliver better-prepared data that’s quickly transformed into accurate takeoffs and clear models. As a result, you can make informed decisions regarding costly aspects of your business ranging from acquiring the right amount of materials and supplies to adequately meeting the equipment and labor needs of the project.


Take-off Professionals has been in the business of preparing data and 3D models for our clients since 3D machine control technology began.

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How we work

Not all client’s needs are the same; We can support your team in whatever capacity makes sense.

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People will often inquire what we need in order to get started doing data for a job. We have simplified the process to three steps. CAD, Paper, and Work Order.

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What Does TOPS Do?

At TOPS, we’re a full-service quantity takeoff agency that performs 3D modeling and material takeoffs (MTOs) for all categories and sizes of construction projects. Plus, our data prep services are more than accurate — they’re also easy to work with. Regardless of which type of system or tech manufacturer you use — whether it’s Lieca, Trimble, Carlson, Topcon or another brand — we can work with it thanks to our innovative approach and experienced engineers.

In addition, all of our team members have the design and technical experience necessary to make working with whatever software programs you employ a seamless experience. So, whether you use MicroStation, Civil 3D or another design platform, we’ll work with you to provide a final model that’s in the appropriate format to meet your needs — even if you have a multi-brand fleet.

Our Services

Why tax your staff unnecessarily? Our services are designed to take the complex data work off your back so you don’t wind up paying extra for rework on issues that accurate modeling could have prevented in the first place. We work from the premise that you can take on projects more confidently when you have a trusted source for all of your data preparation and modeling needs.

Just like your own in-house engineering department — but in a far more cost-efficient manner — we always deliver results you can count on to be timely and accurate.

Here’s how it works:


First, tell us the scope of your project and what you’d like us to produce.


Next, supply us with the information you have — from paper plans to CAD files — and we do the rest.


Finally, shortly afterward — even in rush situations — we provide you with the deliverables you need to get started on your project. 

What’s more, our services aren’t limited to one type of model or takeoff. We’ve acquired a great deal of technical experience in handling data and creating models for the construction industry by sticking to what we know. This means our team of full-time employees — not subcontractors like so many of our competitors use — are always ready to supply you with 3D models for site work, layout, machine control and even earthwork takeoffs.


Sectors We Serve

At Take-Off Professionals, we serve the 3D modeling needs of the following sectors of the construction industry:






School sites


And more


Commercial sites


We have no association with any manufacturer or system type but provide 3D models for all manufacturers

Why TOPS Is Your One-Stop Data Partner

With the many factors you must consider on every job you take on, leaving the preparation and handling of your data to chance is simply not a risk worth taking. Instead, rely on TOPS for a flexible, fast, hassle-free experience that adds value to your projects.

For more information on how we can improve the outcome of your next project, fill out our contact form or call 623-776-9546.

What our clients say

Your staff caught things the engineer missed. You have saved us thousands.

CK, Arkansas

You guys are the “Easy Button” for all things Data!

CE, Maryland

“Thank you for all of your efforts and persistence on this one (as usual)., You always come through for us and we appreciate it!“

PC in Massachusetts

“Thank you sir!!!    ….   for working through this to get us a 3D model that is accurately built to assure that the project is built correctly”

WI in Oklahoma