Before your team can start working on a project, you need to obtain an accurate 3D model of the surface. These models can inform layout decisions and guide GPS machine control systems, resulting in a product that more closely matches the engineer’s design.

Using 3D surface models can allow your team to work faster, make fewer mistakes and get the job done right the first time. However, in order to benefit from a 3D model, it needs to be as accurate as possible, spanning the entire site and replicating the topography with great precision. Though there are many ways to gather data for a 3D model, one of the fastest ways to obtain accurate data is through aerial photogrammetry.

Photogrammetry uses photographs to measure the positions of surface points from the camera. Aerial photogrammetry relies on drones to take images of points from above for data extraction. Because drones can fly over an entire jobsite with few restrictions, they provide an ideal way to gather photogrammetry data about the ground below, either before or during the construction process. You can then use this data to create an accurate 3D model of the surface.

At Take-Off Professionals (TOPS), we have a team of engineers and surveyors with extensive experience using photogrammetry to assist civil engineering clients. We can create accurate 3D models using photogrammetry data as well as provide other photogrammetry services.

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Photogrammetry Capabilities

TOPS dedicates all its resources to construction data processing. We work with all kinds of data, including data from drone photogrammetry. We can use information from aerial images to assist clients with a variety of unique project challenges.

Some of the photogrammetry services we offer include:

  • Modeling drone data point surfaces
  • Creating highly accurate topography files
  • Personalizing photogrammetry services

You can use the photogrammetry surface models and files we create for machine control, layout, weekly production, billing and change orders. After the project is complete, you may also be able to use timelapse images for future marketing campaigns.


Aerial photogrammetry enables professionals in various industries to make clear, informed decisions quickly and efficiently. It provides accurate, detailed information about an area so you can keep projects moving forward on time and within budget. A few industries that benefit from aerial photogrammetry services include:

  • Land surveying: Photogrammetry data provides essential information to help surveyors determine project planning details, from safety measures to possible results. Surveyors can analyze terrain and other area features to assist architects, construction crews, building planners and government record keepers.
  • Engineering: Engineers in the project planning and design phases can use photogrammetry data to evaluate project sites, create perspective images and compose 3D renderings of the terrain. Photogrammetry can produce images that enable you to preview ideas, analyze current progress or predict project results.
  • Construction: 3D models generated from photogrammetry data allow engineers and contractors to plan construction work sites according to project goals and needs specific to the area. Photogrammetry data can also help you track progress and compare as-built to as-designed plans.
  • Mining: You can use photogrammetry to maximize your resources and improve productivity in mining operations. It allows you to measure distances, document terrain, evaluate stockpile volumes and manage other essential processes.

Why We Are The Right Partner

Photogrammetry is a useful tool for surface modeling of construction sites. If you’ve decided to use this technology, you need to ensure you’re getting the most out of your investment.

TOPS is a company exclusively dedicated to data. Our photogrammetry consultants can provide data point modeling quickly, so your team can get to work faster. Our full-time consultants have industry experience and software knowledge that allows them to produce models with high accuracy using data from many collection methods, including aerial photogrammetry.


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