People will often inquire what we need in order to get started doing data for a job. We have simplified the process. We just need 3 things to get your data prep job completed:

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CAD Files:

We need to get the CAD files for the project. If the contractor has received them, they can be shipped with the paper, or uploaded to us on our ftp site. We can use multiple file formats including industry standard AutoCAD .DXF and .DWG, as well as numerous proprietary formats like: PRO, TTM, TIN, DGN, GC3, TP3, TN3, LN3, CMD. Just call or email us for upload instructions. We can process any type of CAD package from AutoCAD, Micro Station, Carlson Construction, Carlson Civil, and others.

Paper Plans:

When we receive a set of paper plans, the first thing we do is have them scanned, so we can put them on our server. No matter what engineer works on your job, we all have access to your paper, electronically. You can transmit the scans of the paper to us if you wish. It is usually cheaper to ship the paper than to have it scanned, if the engineer can give you scans of the paper, just upload it or send us a CD.

Work Order:

On our website, at the top, there is a link to fill out a data prep work order. Just click on the link and fill out the details for your scope of work. No matter what you want or need, we can provide it, just tell us how you need the job to look, and we will get right on it.

We try to make the data process go as smoothly as possible. If you need help or have any questions with the process, just call us. We are here to help.

What our customers say

Your staff caught things the engineer missed. You have saved us thousands.

CK, Arkansas

You guys are the “Easy Button” for all things Data!

CE, Maryland