Data preparation has as much of an impact on residential sites as it does commercial sites. During all phases of construction, accurate data helps construction professionals and civil contractors increase a project’s profits. They can perform more efficient work, make more precise cost estimates and reduce costly errors.

An experienced data team can help you get the takeoff estimates and surface models you need for a successful project. With assistance from Take-Off Professionals (TOPS), you can take your next project to a new level. Our experts perform 3D modeling, quantity takeoffs and other data preparation to inform your work. Discover our residential and subdivision data prep services below.


Data preparation for residential sites

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Our Experience With Subdivision Data Prep



At TOPS, we know data. Our full-time team dedicates itself to creating and analyzing data for hard-working professionals. Since we consider data our core competency, we focus on it as our primary service. When you hire the TOPS team for your project, you get help from seasoned experts. We have experience working with residential assignments of all sizes and scopes.

The TOPS team includes engineers, surveyors, operators and grade setters with construction industry experience. Every year, we complete more than 450 jobs. That means we prepare more data in a week than the largest contractors can generate in a year. We understand the needs of residential contractors and how to help you create a future home.




Rely on TOPS for scalable solutions for your residential project. We can take care of specific aspects of your job or manage data for the entire property. Our services for residential projects include:

  • Quantity takeoff services: Precise data on a property’s land helps you win more bids and start projects more quickly. Our quantity takeoff services for subdivisions give you the material and hauling information you need to get to the right start.
  • 3D/GPS machine control modeling: Residential sites with GPS machine control modeling make the grading process simple. Our 3D modeling services for subdivisions offer the accurate data you need for your machine control technology.
  • Data preparation services: Our residential data prep services include modeling for subdivision projects. We build and warp roads by hand to provide smooth and detailed results.

We can tailor any of our services to your project’s specific needs. Tell us what you expect from our team and we can develop a solution that meets your specifications.

Why Count on TOPS as Your Data Partner?

When you rely on TOPS as your residential site data prep partner, you leave your project in capable hands. Our team has more than 20 years of experience with providing hassle-free data services for construction. Send us the plans you have, and we’ll send you back the completed job files in the format you require.



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