While the productivity of construction sites used to depend largely on a bunch of precisely placed surveyor’s stakes and the right heavy-duty equipment operators, the advent of 3D model machine control is quickly defining a new era of construction site efficiency. And our team at Take-Off Professionals is here to support all of your 3D machine control models for all of your needs.


GPS machine control employs several instruments that give machine operators feedback on equipment, like bucket and blade positions and target grades. Common position sensors include rotating lasers, sonic lasers, total stations and advanced GPS systems.

Earthmoving machine control technology works through signals from GPS and the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). These signals are similar to the satellite positioning signals cars, phones and navigation systems receive, but they are designed for surveying and earthmoving operations. Machine control technology gathers signals from on-site GPS base stations. It then compares signals to prepared machine control models and plans so equipment can precisely determine where and how to grade terrain.

Improved accuracy with GPS base stations and precise 3D machine control models enables in-field rovers and machines to complete actions at exact coordinates without spending time, effort and money placing stakes throughout the area. Your equipment can cut, fill or dig to match coordinates on a digital topographic plan quickly and efficiently.


Sensor technology has helped make contemporary cars safer and easier to drive. Similarly, machine control technology has made everything — from bulldozers and graders to excavators and pavers — more accurate when operated according to the predetermined positions of a 3D machine control model. And with many of today’s leading heavy equipment manufacturers, even pre-plumbing their equipment for machine control technology, this trend promises to be the new standard for efficient worksite operations.

GPS machine control can help with applications such as:

  • Paving: With automatic steering and accurate planning, machine guidance can save time and ensure paving vehicles travel precisely at desired alignments and slopes.
  • Dozing: 3D machine control systems improve job site safety and dozing, grading and scraping capabilities with automatic blade control, accurate angles and efficient movements.
  • Excavating: Machine control can sense an excavator’s precise location in relation to its environment, helping equipment consistently dig in the right spot.

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The benefits of machine control are what make this breakthrough in earthwork machinery so popular. When carried out correctly — in conjunction with high-quality 3D machine control models — it typically provides the following advantages:

  • Increases heavy-duty machine efficiency and productivity.
  • Decreases operating expenses such as fuel, repair and maintenance costs.
  • Reduces raw materials costs by using them more effectively.
  • Lowers surveying costs by eliminating ongoing grade checking.
  • Reduces labor costs by increasing individual worker efficiency.

Of course, for any machine control project to be successful, the 3D model it’s working off must be accurate and complete. That’s why more and more construction companies are turning to 3D machine control modeling services — like those we provide at TOPS — to bid on, accept and complete more projects with confidence and proficiency.


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At TOPS, we’re exclusively focused on preparing models for construction site purposes. With a full-time team of talented engineers and technical staff — not subcontractors like so many of our competitors employ — we’re committed to transforming your data into reliable 3D machine control models. We even have engineers working across all four major U.S. time zones to offer our clients timely national coverage. This is especially important when delivering on rush orders can make all the difference in getting your bid and/or proposal accepted.

Our Experience

After more than two decades of providing 3D machine control models for the construction industry, our track record for accuracy, timeliness and attention to even the most minute details speaks for itself. But as far as statistics go, the one that truly stands out with regard to our machine control services is that we produce approximately 1,000 models a year — with excellent turnaround times and support for every one of our clients.

Why Have TOPS Do The Data?

In addition to our talented staff, extensive experience and superior services, we also make working with TOPS a hassle-free experience. We’ve even created a platform exclusively for our clients to upload their files, notes and other related documents in a secure, easy-to-use program. This ensures that placing a work order with us is fast and simple, so you can keep working on your core business while we take care of your data and modeling needs.

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