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3D and GPS Machine Control Modeling Services

The benefits of machine control are what make this breakthrough in earthwork machinery so popular. When carried out correctly — in conjunction with high-quality 3D machine control models — it typically provides the following advantages:

  • Increases heavy-duty machine efficiency and productivity.
  • Decreases operating expenses such as fuel, repair and maintenance costs.
  • Reduces raw materials costs by using them more effectively.
  • Lowers surveying costs by eliminating ongoing grade checking.
  • Reduces labor costs by increasing individual worker efficiency.

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Of course, for any machine control project to be successful, the 3D model it’s working off must be accurate and complete. That’s why more and more construction companies are turning to 3D machine control modeling services — like those we provide at TOPS — to bid on, accept and complete more projects with confidence and proficiency.

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The Role of GPS Machine Control in Modern Construction

While the productivity of construction sites was once largely dependent on surveyed stakes and skilled equipment operators, the evolution to GPS machine control modeling is forging a new standard for worksite efficiency. GPS machine control consists of instruments that provide machine operators with data on equipment positioning, like bucket and blade positioning and desired grades. Common devices include lasers, sonic equipment, total stations, and particularly advanced GPS modeling systems.

Machine control models are driven by signals from GPS modeling and GNSS, which are similar to those used in consumer devices but tailored for construction operations. Technology in machine control modeling utilizes on-site base stations to contrast signal data, ensuring equipment operates in tandem with the prepared 3D model machine control plans for precise grading.

Enhanced precision from GPS machine control modeling and base stations allows in-field machines to execute tasks at exact coordinates efficiently, minimizing manual stake placements, and saving valuable resources.

Applications of GPS Modeling in Heavy Machinery Operation

Sensor technology has paralleled advances in vehicle safety, and similarly, GPS modeling technology has ushered in marked improvements across a range of heavy machinery. The adoption of 3D model machine control is on track to become an industry norm, with numerous manufacturers pre-wiring equipment for this technology.

Applications of GPS machine control modeling include:


Utilizing machine control models for automated steering and planning enhances precision in paving procedures.


Implementing machine control modeling augments site safety and enables precise dozing, grading, and scraping.


Machine control modeling services support excavators in maintaining correct positional relations for consistent digging accuracy.

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Delivering Precision with In-House Expertise at TOPS

At TOPS, our commitment is laser-focused on rendering purpose-driven, precise machine control models. Our experienced in-house team transcends the common industry practice of using subcontractors, ensuring we deliver competent 3D model machine control solutions. Our engineers are available across all major U.S. time zones for consistent national service, a critical factor for timely project bids and proposals.

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The TOPS Advantage in GPS Machine Control Modeling

With over two decades of expertise in delivering GPS machine control modeling, our commitment to accuracy and detail is evident in our strong performance record. Annually creating approximately 1,000 high-quality machine control models, we strive for exceptional turnaround times and unwavering client support.

Beyond our skillful team and proven success in GPS modeling, we strive to make your experience seamless. Our custom platform, developed for secure and straightforward client data submissions, underscores that working with TOPS is efficient, enabling you to continue focusing on your business while we expertly handle your GPS machine control modeling needs.

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