3D Paving Models

Utilize the advantages of 3D paving modeling to transform your paving project.

3D paving modeling creates three-dimensional representations of existing or future pavement projects. Using 3D paving modeling in the planning stages allows contractors to lower costs while increasing production — effectively shortening your project timeline.

Recently, the Federal Highway Administration and State Departments of Transportation have become more interested in utilizing this technology to capitalize on its advantages, as 3D modeling allows for GPS machine control. 3D paving machines, like rollers and pavers and curb and gutter machines, have access to a digital 3D model of the job, enabling the equipment to replicate the model with accuracy. 

Increasingly, more contractors rely on 3D modeling to secure bids and deliver smoother paving — enhancing work quality and increasing profits. 

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Understanding 3D Paving Data

Uncompromisingly accurate data capturing is pivotal to creating reliable 3D paving models. Traditionally, pavement surface data has been collected manually, but this time-consuming process does not guarantee accurate results. Utilizing an automatic data collection system for 3D paving modeling ensures better results. For accurate results, the industry relies on laser technology. 

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The Process of Creating 3D Paving Models

By following a detailed process, you can ensure your 3D paving model achieves the most accurate results every time. TOPS uses the following procedure for precision. 

Initial Assessment and Planning: Establishing the Project Scope

An initial project assessment will provide accurate information on how to proceed. With exact details about the processes involved in executing your project, you and your 3D modeling service provider can set project goals and deadlines to complete your project successfully.

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3D Paving Data Collection: Methodologies and Tools

Accurate capturing of surface typography relies on a laser projector and a camera. A laser generator projects laser beams onto the surface of the area needing paving. The charge-coupled device (CCD) camera then takes snapshots of the beams, effectively collecting pavement depth data. The camera stores this data in a database. 

You can also harness the power of photogrammetry techniques to obtain high-resolution images of the area. By taking aerial photographs of your site, you can utilize photographic analysis to extract three-dimensional measurements. 

Relying on laser and CCD technology and photogrammetry techniques will ensure the most accurate data for your 3D paving modeling applications. 

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3D Paving Data Analysis: Procedures and Software Used

After data capturing, the next step is to convert data for 3D modeling. Data captured by a laser will be converted into three-dimensional data points with point-cloud modeling. 

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Development of the Final Detailed 3D Paving Models

To develop your final visualization, utilize software like computer-aided design (CAD). Our Civil Data Engineers will import your data to a CAD environment and use the software to create a 3D paving data visualization. The software lets you view your pavement project from various three-dimensional angles. 

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Benefits of 3D Paving Models

Relying on 3D paving modeling services for accurate data visualization before a job leads to enhanced accuracy and quality and streamlines your project. Harnessing the power of this technology also presents other benefits. 

Improved Accuracy and Level of Detail in Paving Models

Disconnects between what appears on a 2D construction plan and the actual site often arise because 2D plans provide cross-sections at every 50 or 100 feet, leaving the spaces in between for the contractor to interpret, leading to errors. 

In contrast, 3D paving modeling provides perfect precision, and contractors know exactly how to execute paving tasks. A 3D model will accurately specify the grade and slope at every point — offering machine-like accuracy and slick, smooth paving results. 

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Increased Efficiency in Resource Allocation

Because 3D modeling provides the width and depth of pavement at every point, you can confidently calculate the amount of material you’ll need. You don’t need to account for overrun material expenses when making a bid. With better control over material costs and less material wastage, you’ll win more bids and accurately control your margins. 

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Enhanced Time Management

Eliminate time-consuming tasks related to traditional stringline methods with 3D paving. Conveniently, you don’t need to set pins, take elevation shorts of each cut or fill to final grade on a stake. Automating these tasks means completing them with the utmost precision in a fraction of the time it takes a surveyor to complete, which shortens your project’s timeline. 

Combining your 3D paving data visualization with optically guided machine control also cuts equipment downtime, significantly increasing productivity. 

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Broad Range of Applications Across Several Industries

In the past, 3D paving models primarily mapped out jobs with rigid pavement specifications like airport runways. Today, 3D designs and automated machine control can direct a concrete or asphalt paver, gutter and curb machine or a milling machine with high levels of precision for paving projects in various industries.

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Better Decision-Making Based on Precise Models and Data

The right 3D modeling software allows an expert design and construction team to collaborate virtually to create, test and change project designs at any stage of the design and construction process. Your team can look at design features in 3D view from different perspectives, enabling them to make decisions with enhanced accuracy. With precise data at your fingertips, your team can easily alter designs, run simulations, and detect any design flaws before the construction phase commences.

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Three Simple Steps to Begin Your Project

To get started with TOPS, you just need to follow three easy steps:

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Step 1: CAD Files

Provide the CAD files for the project in formats like AutoCAD .DXF and .DWG, among others. Files can be uploaded to their FTP site or shipped with the paper plans.

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Step 2: Paper Plans

If sending paper plans, they will scan and store them electronically. You can transmit the scans or ship the paper plans.

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Step 3: Work Order

Fill out a data prep work order on their website with the details of your scope of work. TOPS can accommodate various needs; just specify how you want the job to look.

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Deploy the TOPS Team for 3D Paving Modeling Services

Collaborate with America’s leader in data presentation for unmatched 3D paving modeling services and enjoy better project outcomes. At TOPS, we offer a host of benefits, including:

Laser-Focused Expertise

Our company specializes in data. By exclusively focusing on where our expertise shines, we offer unmatched services. We’ve been in business for over 20 years and know that lasting as long as we have in the industry takes commitment to providing accurate data. When you choose TOPS, you can expect to work with a team with an impressive track record in 3D pavement modeling. 

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A Masterful In-House Team

Our network of in-house, licensed engineers, surveyors and 3D technicians work together as a masterful team. This group of experts has bought into our company’s vision and is equipped and passionate — ready to deliver precision paving services in a timely fashion. Our team works in different time zones to offer all our clients prompt quotes and accurate turnaround time predictions. 

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Advanced Technology and Software

Our team utilizes four kinds of software to prepare for each job. Showcasing our agility, we work with all types of available software, allowing you easy access to project visualizations no matter what software you use.  

We also utilize advanced technology to make collaboration between your team and ours friction-free. You can upload notes, files and other critical project information to your account conveniently. 

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Industries We Serve

At TOPS, we have extensive experience working across a wide range of industry sectors to provide expert data preparation, modeling, and analysis services. Our team of experienced professionals is adept at tailoring our solutions to meet the unique needs of clients in several different industries.

Work With TOPS for Accurate 3D Paving Modeling

Harness the advantages of 3D modeling for your next paving project by relying on the expert team at TOPS to offer you the same stellar results as our thousands of happy clients have received. Utilize your 3D paving model to confidently secure bids and drive down operational costs while streamlining your paving tasks.

With the advanced technology of 3D modeling at your fingertips, you can transform your project operations. For more information about our 3D paving modeling services, contact our helpful team online today or call us at 623-323-8441.

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