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Engineers and civil contractors working in the roadwork and highway industry rely on data during every step of the construction process — estimates and models help industry professionals place more accurate bids, work more efficiently and complete roadwork projects faster, resulting in higher profitability.

As a result, companies tackling roadwork jobs need access to reliable data and highway modeling services.

Data for the roadwork and highway industry must be highly accurate to be useful, but it also needs to be processed as quickly as possible to minimize cost and inconvenience to the public.

At Take-Off Professionals (TOPS), our data processing experts handle roadwork quantity takeoffs, 3D modeling and other essential tasks, so your team can start performing high-quality work faster. Learn more about our services for the roadwork and highway industry below.

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Our Experience in roadwork and highway data


Whether you need a detailed model for new construction or quantity takeoff services for roadwork rehabilitation, we can help. At TOPS, we have extensive experience supporting civil contractors and engineers working on both small roadwork jobs and large highway projects. No job is too big or too small for us to handle.

TOPS employs a team of full-time, licensed engineers, surveyors and 3D technicians dedicated to providing accurate data for roadwork and highway construction. Our staff members all have industry experience and specialized software knowledge that enable them to provide reliable data and useful models in a short amount of time.

services for the roadwork industry

TOPS offers a variety of services to benefit highway and roadwork operations. You can have us handle the whole data modeling process or just a few details. The services we offer for new construction and rehabilitation roadwork include:

  • Quantity takeoff services: TOPS can provide accurate dirt and material quantities and cost estimations for large and small earthworks projects. We can also perform mass haul analyses and plan haul roads for use throughout the project.
  • 3D and GPS modeling services: TOPS can also provide 3D roadwork modeling for use in layout planning and machine control systems. Our work is accurate to three digits for imperial units and four digits for metric units.
  • 3D data preparation services: Have point cloud or photogrammetry data you need processed? TOPS can process 3D data from any type of collection method, giving you models for use before, during or after construction.

Every project is different. To best serve clients in the roadwork and highway industry, we also offer personalized modeling services. Let us know what you need from your data, and we’ll make it happen.

Why We Are the Right Partner

With more than 20 years in operation, Take-Off Professionals is a data industry leader. Our team delivers accurate, fast results and adapts to client needs as they arise.


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