Proposal for presentation at Site Prep Tech

Marco Cecala, President, Take-off Professionals, Inc.


The recent advances in technology for use in civil construction are impressive. The broad appeal of GPS, LIDAR, lasers, total stations and computers have provided the contractor with many opportunities. Contractors have embraced these advances, but not without difficulty during the learning process. Many have made technology a profitable part of their business, while others question the advantages.

This interactive presentation will answer questions and provide a strategy for establishing or streamlining your use of technology.


  • Brief overview of current equipment types. GPS, Total Stations, LIDAR and field computers.
  • Best use for each type of technology.
  • What to buy, and when.


  • What training options are available and their differences.
  • How to take full advantage of dealer, manufacturer and independent training.
  • How to identify key staffers for leading the technology push.
  • How to stay current with training as it relates to hardware and software upgrades.


  • What to expect from the technology.
  • Implementation; gradual or all in?
  • Responsibility chain when using technology.
  • How the high tech job site differs from traditional grading.
  • The connected job site, how it can help profitability.

Work Flow

  • How technology changes job dynamics.
  • How electronic data affects a site.
  • How to effectively manage data from the office to the field.
  • Meeting requirements for the use of technology.

Marco Cecala is the President of Take-off Professionals. A Civil engineering consulting firm based in Phoenix, AZ. As the nation’s most experienced and largest firm of their type, they are uniquely qualified to work with contractors and engineers on projects of any size.

Their business involves preparing 3D models for machine control, quantity take-offs, training and consulting.